GAIEXPO -The worldwide Africa Tourism Expo 

GAIEXPO is the first platform in southwest Germany for Africa Tourism & Hospitality with focus on Africa only. This event shall focus on exhibitions, Forums, B2B meetings, company visitations and more. Goal of this platform is to connect businesses, entrepreneurs, Initiatives, Organizations and the with exhibitors from Africa  to build Partnerships, Contacts, Networks and do deals. 


GAIEXPO is open for Exhibitors from the four regions of Africa – North, South, East and West and the world with Tourism and hospitality products and Services. The trade fair takes place for 9days in Tübingen, southwest region of Germany. 

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GAIEXPO offers a full operating Hall with concerence facilities such as conference seat, a stage for podiumsdiscussions, Projector, Technical equipments – Microphones, Mixer and more for individuals, Organizations, Initiatives, companies and communities with presentations and seminars or Trainings with focus on Africa Tourism and Hospitality and related topics. 

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 GAIEXPO shall present a showcase of Africa Hospitality and Culture through its events – 9th International Africa Festival Tübingen featuring worldclass Artist and entertainment during the GAIEXPO days in Tübingen. GAI-EVENTS offers programms for both young, old and family with professional day care services for visitors and young mothers. 

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Impressions  GAI – FORUM