Open to companies and others with operations on Africa

To become an plus member, the company or Organization must:

Apply for membership by submitting a duly completed application form.

Pay the annual subscription, determined by the GABS Board.

Be legally registered and properly established under the relevant national laws.

Maintain governance structures and processes that take account of the needs of various stakeholders.

PLUS members shall have the following rights:

Participate in the decision making procedures of GABS. However, the participation of PLUS Members in the decision making procedures shall be restricted and subject to the decision of the Board, and may be limited to individuals who are elected or appointed by the BASIC Members of the organization to hold specific offices.

May request access to the services provided by, or in partnership with GABS, but shall not have the right to demand such services.

Participate in all consultative forums of GABS.

PLUS members shall have the following obligations:

Commit to paying an annual fee as set by the Board of GABS.

Obliged at all times to uphold the values of GABS and the corporate social responsibility of GABS and to represent GABS in a positive light to the public at large.