Who we are

About us

GABS is a newly created service firm founded in 2018, registered and based in Germany under  number HRB 763066 at district court -Stuttgart .
GABS is a full-service Africa oriented firm committed to helping people achieve their Africa goals. We offer a wide range of services to countries, ministries, communities, companies as well as  individuals in Africa and Germany. GABS provide strategic consultancy and events tailored made for German,  Africa and worldwide Africa Interested with operations on the continent of Africa, particularly in the sub-Sahara Region of Africa. GABS Networks and partners with  a variety of German companies, communites, Institutions and Organizations to provide your need in Africa and Germany.
Our firm works exclusively on fee-based compensation, no hidden agenda. It also means that we are here for you, ready to offer ongoing expertise whenever you need it.
Please call us at +49 7457 69 89 78 0, if you have any questions about our firm and services.

sub – Sahara Africa at Focus 

GABS focus on the 54 continents of Africa with particular emphasis on sub-Sahara Region. We connect Businesses and Initiatives on the continent Africa with Germany, particurlary the southwest region of the Federal Republic of Germany, introducing them to endless investment and business opportunities available in sub-Sahara Africa.

Contact Point for Africa in Germany

GABS head office – The Africa worldwide center is based in Rottenburg, Southwest Region (Baden-Württemberg) near Stuttgart the capital city. Our office is operational with a secretariat and training center for Germans and Africans from the continent and in the Diaspora.

Contact office for Diaspora in Germany

GABS offers and provide African Diaspora in Germany a contact point for information, Consultancy and Trainings. The African Diaspora in Germany faces alot of challenges in day-to day life, GABS is here to support in every sector.